how to run masternode using hot/cold setup

This setup will let you run the hot wallet on Linux and the controller wallet on Windows. So if you are looking for hot/cold wallet setup for Masternode, follow along.


  • Fully synced BeetleCoin wallet on Linux and Windows.
  • MasterNode collateral coins ie 10000 for Basic Node, 50000 for Classic Node and 150000 for Standard Node.
  • VPS server with Ubuntu 16.04 or Ubuntu 14.04.


Launch your Windows BeetleCoin wallet and send the collateral amount to the Masternode address ie 10000 for Basic Node, 50000 for Classic Node and 150000 for Standard Node.

Once the coins are sent wait for 20 confirmations.

SSH to your Linux server. Ubuntu 16.04 is recommended.

Enter “apt-get -y install curl” in the terminal window and hit enter.

Enter “bash <(curl -s

Snapshot/master/” and hit enter.

Note: Remove extra spaces and quotes while using the command.

Type the number of Masternodes to be installed and press enter.

The installation will setup all required dependencies and nodes on the VPS.

Now installation is complete. To activate the ‘aliases’ do the following

Enter “source /root/.bashrc” in the terminal and hit the enter key.

Note- Copy the generated the conf as below to your control wallet.

MN01 X.X.X.X:3133 5GhW8VbUAN7Jjf90mffkx5kRccWfqtWbCyP….

You can use this masternode.conf configuration in you control ler wallet to start the Masternodes. Please change “tx” & “idx” with your “collateral tx” info.

Go to your Windows wallet debug console window and type masternode outputs. Copy your txhash and outputidx.

Open your masternodes.conf file by clicking Tools–>Open Masternode Configuration File.

Add your masternode configuration in the following and save the file.

mn1 3HaYBVUCYjEMeeH1Y4sBG….. 2bcd3c84c84f87eaa86e4e5….. 0

Note: This is just a dummy info, check the real value as discussed earlier.


Masternode Name = mn1
Your IP Address =
Your Masternode genkey= 93HaYBVUCYjEM…..
Your Tx hash = 2bcd3c84c84f87eaa……..
Your Output Index = 0

Once the details and entered and saved, restart your BeetleCoin Windows wallet.
Once the wallet has restarted, go to “Debug Console” and type “startmasternode alias false mn1” and hit the enter key.

If everything went as planned, it should say “Masternode Started Successfully”.

additional commands

Command to clear all banned nodes – ./ clearbanned
Command to stop a single node – b01cli stop- stop node 01
Command to get current block count – ~/ getblockcount
Command to get hash details at block 738022 – ~/ getblockhash 738022
Command to start all nodes – ./
Command to stop all nodes – ./

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