The Beetle coin is an open source decentralized cryptocurrency which provides instant and low fees transactions all around the world through Beetle coin network.

Anyone can participate in the operation of beetle coin network by either allocating computing power in mining or staking the coins.

On average, Beetle coin block network requires two minutes to generate a new block, and all transactions are carried out over the internet, unlike fiat money transactions which requires intermediary financial institutions mainly banks. Beetle coin successfully concluded its first quarter of the year by achieving all of its set objectives.

The credit undoubtedly goes to Beetle coin team and the constant support from the community.

Now embarking towards the second quarter of the year which aims to accomplish unique and ambitious goals, it is important to achieve these goals in order to stay true to Beetle coin vision and keep it as relevant and innovative as possible. With that being said, Beetle coin has a keen interest in contributing to the society, and environment as a whole.

Starting with taking responsible care of our environment and the world we live in by helping to raise funds for environmental green projects.

Unlike other fundraisers that keep their funding discreet, Beetle coin ledger “blockchain technology” will allow others to see the transactions that have been made.

The documentation of the transactions aims to maintain transparency among the community and showing the contributor where the funds have been channeled.

No longer will you have to guess where the charity funds went, you can look for yourself.


The recent popularity cryptocurrencies gained over the past two years led to the emergence of mining farms.

Experts and environmental organizations are voicing their concerns saying that it’s seriously hurting the efforts to combat climate change. “Bitcoin is slowing the effort to achieve a rapid transition away from fossil fuels,” meteorologist Eric Holthaus said.

Bitcoin uses about 71 terawatts of energy every year, enough to power about three million U.S. households, according to the Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index published by Digiconomist, a website focused on digital currencies. Cryptocurrencies have been criticized for its energy use for years.

In 2013 Bloomberg judged it a real world environmental disaster.


Beetle coin desires to achieve these goals through their environmental project

• To establish a partnership with a reputable non-profit organization or an environmental institution.

• To raise funds for environmental projects

• To raise awareness about environmental issues.


Evaluating and assessing
The Beetle coin community has to assess and decide which of these environmental areas they would like to contribute in, that will help to narrow down the alternatives.

Contribution or donation
The Beetle coin community have to consider is this environmental project a kind gesture to support a good cause in a form of one time donation, or more of a strategic partnership for a long term in a form of contribution.

Contacting the NGO / environmental organization
The Beetle coin core team will reach out to the chosen reputable organization to convey their interest to support their environmental cause, and discuss upcoming projects Beetle coin community can contribute to.

The Beetle coin core team will be looking to raise funds whether through competition or more direct approach appealing to the community for their collective contribution.

Over the next few months after the donation or contribution has been made, the implemented project will be observed, evaluate how it benefited the community as a whole, and present the final outcome to the community with absolute transparency.

Beetle Coin Environment Project I

Support those impacted by the volcano eruption in Guatemala

Completed 600,000 Beet Raised

This is a fund to support those affected by Guatemala’s Fuego volcano eruption.All fund raised will be donated to this campaign on GlobalGiving portal where they will ensure the money get to the right place and used appropraitely.

Beet Donation Address

Total Raised – {“error”:”address not found.”,”hash”:”BbyhygvB3fhHgxoAwNVynPNpehKY3AiBxn”} BEET of 000,000 BEET

Percentage 0%